Top Programming Languages for Android app development

Top Programming Languages for Android app development
Android app development

Consider how frequently you use an app during the day. Isn't it several times? As a result, it's no wonder that demand for mobile apps has been steadily increasing since the invention of the smartphone. This is also why there are hundreds of mobile app development businesses in your area. On the surface, no one questions the future of mobile app development and programming languages. You're in trouble today if your company isn't mobile-ready, having already passed a major milestone.

If you want to establish a powerful, inventive, and user-friendly app for your business, you should focus on selecting the correct technology, programming language, and UX design tools. With so many mobile programming languages to select from, you must weigh a variety of criteria, including benefits and negatives, as well as the language's popularity, before deciding on the most popular mobile app. After you've picked the finest mobile programming language and created a business app, you'll need a marketing app suite to scale it.In this article I have included Top Programming Languages for Android app development .


JavaScript is ideal for cross-platform app creation, cross-platform mobile app development, and online surfing. It performs nicely in settings other than browsers and may be compiled using a variety of computer languages. So, JavaScript gets my choice for finest programming language. Features of JavaScript A prototype-based, lightweight, platform-independent language. Dynamic typing and object-oriented programming are supported. Validates user input and calculations on the client side. Has date and time capabilities built in.


Javascript is a versatile and flexible language that can be utilised in a variety of ways with Node. jsFaster client-side surfing and does not need compilation. It's simple to work with and control. There is no established norm and lots of space for individuality.


In some circumstances, Javascript is insecure and can be used for malevolent purposes.


Kotlin, dubbed the "improved version" of Java, is a statistically typed programming language used to create sophisticated Android apps. Kotlin has the ability to impact other programming languages like JAVA in order to create high-performance and sturdy programmes. Trello, Evernote, Coursera, and many other famous apps have Kotlin support.

The Advantages of Kotlin:

A programming language that is available for free. Allows Android apps to start up faster. The syntax is simple and clear. Operational overloading is supported.

Pros of Kotlin

Clean, simple, and intuitive syntax boosts team productivity. Interoperable and adaptable, it can easily overcome JAVA's drawbacks. Has complete Google and IDE support, as well as Android and SDK toolkit installation packages. When compared to JAVA, it generates smaller, simpler, and cleaner code.


The Drawbacks of Kotlin Because it is still a new language on the market that is difficult to master, consider twice before choosing it. It slows down on occasion. Learning options are restricted.


For mobile app development, C++ is a popular choice. It's an object-oriented, general-purpose language with low-level memory management tools. C++ is used to create games, GUI-based programmes, real-time mathematical simulations, banking apps, and other apps for Android and Native platforms. Because it can adapt fast to changing hardware or ecosystems, C++ is popular among Cloud computing programmes.

Advantages of C++

Object-oriented programming language that is portable and high-level.

It's straightforward and straightforward.

Built-in libraries give programmers a variety of functionalities.

A compiler-based programming language that increases programme execution speed.

C++ Pros

It's quick and stable, and it comes with a large number of ready-to-use libraries and compilers.

You can easily learn JAVA, C, and Python if you know C++.


This object-oriented, general-purpose programming language, pronounced 'C-sharp,' is widely utilised in mobile development, particularly for cross-platform and Windows app development. This is the finest language to use if you want to create an interactive and high-performance gaming software.


Fast, easy-to-use, and quick to deployGeneric, strong typing, functional, imperative, declarative, component-oriented, and object-oriented disciplines.Simple, modern, and general-purpose languageHas a function-rich library for programmers.Ensures programme security with type safe code.Is interoperable and updateable.


 For new learners, the language is intricate and complicated. Even if there is a little error, case-sensitive language causes confusion. -assembly of even alphabets.


Python is well-known for its excellent library support, it's comprehensive integration due to which this language has got the control capabilities. This is the best language to build an app.

Python's Advantages

Ensures that applications are developed quickly.

Existing scripts can be "glued" together.

Because it employs indentation, the code is understandable and clean.

Can assist in the creation of graphical user interfaces using one of the numerous common libraries.

Pros of Python

Fast, simple to use, deploy, and learn, as well as outstanding readability.A high-level programming language for analysing, calculating scientific and numerical data, and developing applications. An interactive language that supports GUI applications and is used to create scalable software.