What Is Web Directory? How to Better Understand This Concept

What Is Web Directory? How to Better Understand This Concept
What Is Web Directory How to Better Understand

Web directories are high PR (Page Rank) websites, where blogs or websites in those categories and sub-categories are added to the list, according to the content and detail for many websites.

The terms “Web directory” and “search engine” are often used interchangeably. Web directories are organized Web site listings put together by human reviewers, whereas search engine listings are put together by automated systems and lack a navigable structure. Much of the confusion stems from the various hybrid models that have developed over time, as search engines have incorporated directory features to assist with issues such as categorization and site quality.

Types of Web Directory Submissions:

There are 3 types of web directory submissions,

  • Paid Listing
  • Free Or Regular Listing
  • Regular Links With Mutual

Paid Listing: By paid listing we can submit website links to other blogs by paying to the web directory. This directory immediately approves our blog or website for submission.

Free or Regular Listing: Are there any way to add our links to web directories for free, but in which some directories approve our blog links immediately or some directories take some time to approve links for further more information contact best web design company in jaipur.

Regular links with reciprocal links: reciprocal list have to link web directories in blog, when we add directories link in our blog, approves our link also and we can post our blog post.

How To Do Web Directory Submission For SEO?

In web directory we are going to tell you a simple tip for submitting a blog which is very easy in search engine optimization. You can open the notepad on the computer or write down the details mentioned in it, because you have to do the bar, then if you write these details then you will save a lot of time.

  • blog title/name
  • Website/Blog Url
  • Description Minimum 100 words
  • author name
  • E mail ID
  • RSS feed (for any directory)
Website Directory Submit:

Website Directory Submission Submitting my blog has many benefits for our blog such as:

  • The Search Engine Ranking Of The Blog Improves.
  • More Backlinks Are Created
  • Blog Keywords Are Better
  • DA (Domain Authority) of blog And PA (Page Authority) Increases.
  • Alexa Rank Improves.
  • Blog Posts And Pages Get Indexed Quickly.

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