Start-up that revolutionised graphic design

Start-up that revolutionised graphic design
Start-up that revolutionised graphic design

Nowadays, design is a talent that can be learned. There are several options to study and practice design, but the fact is that this requires a particular degree of ability and imagination. Such a sought-after profession necessitates a highly competitive sector in which only a few companies genuinely stand out.

It might be difficult to establish a brand name in the competitive field of graphic design. To be successful, you must overcome several obstacles. However, it is far from impossible. Some of the world's most successful organizations operate in this field, and they all began as modest startups with a few creative designers. Before we get into the story of some of these firms, let's first define the graphic design.

What exactly is graphic design?

Graphic design, via visualization, provides the way for businesses to prosper and attract customers. It communicates ideas and solves issues for users and potential consumers by combining visual components. A worker working in this sector must be familiar with and have expertise with color, shape, images, typography, and other factors.

Because there is no documented guideline for generating the ideal combination of these, it all comes down to the company's or designer's experience, as well as their project. Because graphic design has so many applications, specialists frequently concentrate on one.

Various types of graphic design firms are available on the market today.

Graphic design firms may be classified into several types based on the projects they work on and the people they hire. Here are the most prevalent.

Environmental graphic design firm

The goal of this type of graphic design is to make spaces more interesting, easier to navigate, and memorable. Because this is a broad sort of design, such firms serve a wide range of sectors. They work on interior and exterior design, workplace branding, signage, museum display designs, retail shop interiors, and so on.

Visual identity graphic design company

These Companies specialize in visual identity where the graphic designer mainly focuses on color palettes, typography, logos, image libraries, and other elements that express a brand's personality. A firm of this sort employs a range of graphic designers with a broad and particular understanding of several forms of graphic design.

Graphic design firm for user interfaces

These businesses create menus, buttons, micro-interactions, and other items that combine technical usefulness with aesthetic appeal. Designers hired by these firms specialize in various sorts of applications as well as games, and they frequently collaborate with UX designers to get the best outcomes.

In other words, we're talking about web page design, gaming interface design, app design and so on.

Graphic design firm for advertising and marketing

An advertising graphic design company may help businesses in a variety of ways. They may work on many media kinds such as advertisements and flyers, or they can develop a variety of materials for digital and print. This style of design is now mostly utilized for digital advertising and content marketing.

A company that creates graphics for publications

Since the dawn of technology, publications have come a long way. These firms were once print mediums, but now that all types of print media are available online, their job has grown significantly. When we think of publishing graphic design firms, we think of books, periodicals, newspapers, catalogs, but also annual reports, ebooks, and other types of digital material.

A company that creates motion graphics

Audio, animation, photography, typography, video, and other forms of motion graphics are all examples of motion graphics. With the advent of video content, these businesses have been more in demand than ever. A motion graphic designer is a relatively recent specialization, but one that can now be found on all platforms online.

Graphic design firm for packaging

Physical items frequently require some form of packing to be sold, delivered, or kept. The design of these packages is critical and can have a significant impact on the customer's decision to purchase. Having said that, organizations that specialize in package graphic design are in great demand nowadays. They develop concepts, generate mockups, and offer print-ready packaging items.

Incredible graphic design firms that have achieved success

Now that you've learned about the most common sorts of graphic design firms and what they perform, it's time to look at some instances of highly successful brands. The design businesses listed below can help customers with a variety of marketing and design requirements. They are widely regarded as the finest in their area, having a large customer base and a solid reputation built through time.


This is the world's largest design studio that is entirely owned by its clients. It is now owned and operated by 25 partners. All of these partners are industry leaders and professionals in their respective professions. Bob Gill, Alan Fletcher, Michael Bierut, and Paula Scher are just a few of them. Starbucks, Windows, Warner Brothers, and United Airlines are among the company's most noteworthy clients.

Wolff Olins & Co.

Wolff Olins is a well-known brand consultancy firm with a lofty goal: "to make things distinctive to make a difference." They currently have a stellar reputation and serve some of the world's most recognizable businesses. Wolff Olins created the logo for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, which is said to have cost $625,000!

Google, LinkedIn, Apple, eBay, Microsoft, Uber, Spotify, and 3M are among their most important clients.


 Landor is now a design behemoth with offices in 25 locations across the world. This firm began small and quickly expanded to become one of the greatest locations to receive services such as interactive and new media, brand identity, adaptation and implementation, brand engagement, brand architecture, name, and verbal identity, strategy and positioning, and packaging. Apple, British Airways, FedEx, BMW, P&G, the Australian Open, and Volkswagen are among the most noteworthy clients to date.

Happy cog

Jeffrey Zeldman, a well-known web designer who has received more awards than most professionals in his area, established Happy Cog. His firm provides remarkable web development, design, and UX consulting to some of the industry's largest companies. Design and branding, content strategy, development, project definition, digital marketing, and research are among their offerings. Airbnb, Google, MTV, Ben & Jerry's, AMC Theatres, Stanford University, and Zappos are among their most important clients.