6 Tips to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post Title

6 Tips to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post Title
6 Tips to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post Title

The founder of maximum blog does not know how to write an amazing blog title. Have you ever seen this on your own? Why no one clicks on my post and I don't get target traffic from google.

When you do everything in the right way! If this happens to you, then it could be the title of your blog post. Yes, you are thinking absolutely right, your content is good but the title of your content is not good. The reason people click on your content doesn't interest me.

 always try to write awesome content to be successful. You don't get big results even after writing awesome content regularly. Remember, if you do not write your blog title attractive, then you are not able to impress your reader well, and your blog traffic from Google will also be less!

Tips for Writing Awesome Post Titles

Use Numbers

A very big and common way to write the title of a great post is to use the number in the title of the blog post! Use the number according to the condition of your post by hire content writing service. There is no rule or regulation to use the title number of a blog post! 

Use interesting words

You can give your reader easy attention by using the word interesting in your post title. People always like attractive things more for search engine optimization. So use some cool words to make your title tasteful. Never use any boring word in the title. Use excellent words hi, such as brilliant, unlimited, excellent, secret, splendid, excellent, interesting, excellent, solid, etc.

Use Why, When and How

try to know something like- why something is impotent, why something is needed, exactly the same propaganda while working, and how to do anything. Remember if you put such words in the title, a direct message will be sent to your readers and they will show interest in reading your article.

Title of the post Short

Remember your blog post title is very big so you should never expect traffic from it because reader never waste his time in reading the traditional long and boring title. So try to keep the title short. The title should be short as well as sweet. If we talk about the length of the title, then the title of 30-70 letter is SEO friendly. And you should also keep your title ender of 30-70 characters. The title of this root sand does not even look complete in Google.

Post Title Clear Value

The title of the blog post should be clear as well as easy to understand. Remember, if you keep fancy and complex titles, then it will be very difficult for people to understand. Having a fancy and complex title, you will miss the traffic of your blog.

Must be a Post Title Problem Solver

You should try to solve the problem of your reader through your post. You use such keywords which solve the particular problem with a clear idea.

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