How to Choose a Right Keyword?

How to Choose a Right Keyword?
How to Choose a Right Keyword

Remember you are new to blogging, then you will not know in bare of keywords. Bare to you keyword I don't know what is keyword and how do we use it in our blog or website. To You article will be helpful for you because article we will know what is a keyword and how to choose a bad keyword, along with how many types of keywords are there you can get to know by consulting web design company in jaipur.

What Is Keyword

The keyword tells the search engine that your blog or website. The search engine looks at calculating how many times that particular word, which we call a keyword, has been used in any article.

Do not use any keyword that you are targeting for the search engine, or else it plays keyword stuffing, which Google spamming is also capable of society.

To get a better understanding of this, you can read here how to make a post that both the user or the search engine likes, or at the same time you have to take care of the keyword density, how much war you have to use your keywords.

To write a post, just one keyword is not enough, it is necessary to have a big keyword. , in which the suggestions that come automatically can add to how people search.

Keywords are of 2 types

  • short keywords
  • long tail keyword

Brief Keywords: When we choose a keyword to write a post, our main goal is for us to rank, if that main topic is then that will be our keyword.

Long Tail Keyword: If there is a topic with which some additional keywords are also added, then it is long tail keyword.

Now you must have been clear, what is short keyword or long tail keyword. Or you must have gone to the society, what is the benefit of using long tail keyword, there will be computation work, no need, whatever site is there, they are all the same long Tail keyword is used in search engine optimization.

After selecting the best keyword, we also need to use the keyword correctly, as and when you will get its correct result. Use some point of where or how to say:

  • Post Title 
  • Post Permalink
  • Title H2 H3
  • Fail Paragraph
  • Image 

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